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A Bridge To The Future

Quality Healthcare For Future Generations In The Mackinac Straits Region

Looking out over the historic Straits of Mackinac, the new Straits Healthcare Campus represents extraordinary progress in medical services for the entire Mackinac Straits region. The community’s dreams of a state-of-the-art medical facility have become a reality.

Our new hospital is an incredible community achievement that will pay health care dividends for generations over many decades into the future. Its clinical features are high-tech and its patient amenities are unparallelled. If you haven’t seen the new hospital we invite you to make a point of arranging a tour.

When this new facility opened in 2010, we welcomed the prospect of new services, greater efficiencies, expanded capabilities and extended outreach. We look forward to continuing our development of a robust, thriving comprehensive health care system.
Our community deserves no less. When we needed to raise $3 million to supplement Federal funding for the new hospital, the community responded quickly. When we needed land for the new facility, the Sault Tribe generously donated a 16-acre parcel valued at $1.2 million and entered into a uniquely innovative joint arrangement to create a new Tribal Health Center as part of the project. When Mackinac Island deeded its medical center to improve its reimbursement we also strengthened the hospital’s balance sheet and created a powerful three-way partnership that enabled our congressional delegation to secure a $37.2 million Federal guarantee, assuring the project’s success.

A Full Range Of Quality Medical Care

Remote and rural though we may be, there is no deficit of determination to provide a full range of health care services to our residents and visitors. Nor is there a single measure of healthcare quality that is unmet, thanks to our highly qualified medical staff and our certified, conscientious and compassionate caregivers. In fact, our long term care facility has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence.

This drive coupled with our sense of community service and collaboration have enabled us to bring to our region such vital services as cardiovascular rehabilitation, mammography and outpatient surgery.  

A Comprehensive Health System For A Complex World

That same vision and initiative will be the hallmark of the Mackinac Straits Health System as we venture into new territory of unmet demand for healthcare services. For example, we identified the need for a medical clinic in Mackinaw City. This primary care clinic is reaching a previously underserved area with needed medical services. Our Community Healt Assessments also identified the need for retail pharmacy services on the weekends. Our Straits Area Pharmacy is planning to open by the summer of 2017.

Our Heartfelt Appreciation

We thank our entire community for your past support and we pledge our continued determination to provide an increasing range of critical quality healthcare services close to home.